Out of an abundance of caution, the AS Foundation has cancelled the 2020 Conference.

March 10, 2020
From: Aicardi Syndrome Foundation Board of Directors
To: Aicardi Conference 2020 Attendees
Re: July 2020 Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference, Las Vegas, NV

Dear 2020 Aicardi Foundation Conference Attendees / Families,
After careful consideration and much debate, we regret to inform you that in an abundance of caution due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are canceling this year’s Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference (scheduled this year to be held on July 9th – July 12th in Las Vegas).

As you all know the Foundation has been preparing for the Conference ever since the last one in July, 2018 and we understand how disappointing this news is to all attending Aicardi families. However, we also understand that, given continued news reports relating to the spread of the virus in communities across the country and our children’s compromised immune systems, the risks are simply just too high to move forward with the Conference at this time. This is especially so because Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination full of out-of-town and out-of-country visitors and we feel that it would be imprudent to knowingly bring our children (and their families) there at this time.

We will begin to work on organizing an alternative Conference date once we know better when and where we can make that happen in the most advantageous way for all attendees and we’ll update you with alternative dates as soon as feasible.

Given all the hard work that went into planning this year’s Conference the decision to cancel it was not an easy decision—but safeguarding (as much as possible) the health and safety of our children (and their families) outweighed the desire to press forward with the Conference.
Thank you all for your understanding. And best wishes for the continued good health and happiness of all our Aicardi children and their families.

Very truly yours,
Aicardi Syndrome Foundation Board of Directors