Abagayle Rose Muszynski (Abby Doo) shares her journey…

Published on: February 29th, 2020, by webmaster

Hi, my name is Abagayle Rose Muszynski (Abby Doo). I was born 8 years ago on 9/14/2011 and immediately diagnosed with AS. Little did we know, Abby’s first seizure was when she was only 3 months old on Christmas Day. The hardest day of our lives as we awaited the ambulance flight to Miami Children’s Hospital in Florida. Abby has all the characteristics of Aicardi Syndrome. She recently had a G tube botton placed and Spinal Surgery. The seizures are the most difficult part of trying to control her quality of life.

At the age of 5, after much advocating in social media for better healthcare in Florida, we moved to Colorado. Abby’s story was finally heard nationally on CNN along with Medicaid issues nationally and Aicardi. Abby still continues to share her story as she teaches the world everyday lessons on this journey. Abby is a lovable, kind, cuddly, funny, daughter. She loves bubbles, swings, books, and going to school.

Our mission is to always provide the best quality of life, including health, comfort, and happiness. Abby defines her goals in life on her journey. She does not allow disabilities to define her. We continue to advocate and learn from Abby as we help our community in any way possible. Thanking the Aicardi Foundation for not making us feel alone. You are the best resource 24/7.